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The Commissioning of two borehole projects by Hon. Ibrahim Bakare, Ward C Councillor of Kosofe L.G.

Residents of Oriola and Soluyi in Kosofe Local Government had much to be thankful for yesterday, February 8th, as Hon. Sanni Babatunde Okanlawon (OKLA), the House of Assembly Representative of Kosofe Constituency I, commissioned one of the two borehole water projects at Oriola, Ifako, courtesy of Hon. Ibrahim Bakare Olawale, the Councillor of Ward C.

Hon Babatunde Okanlawon was full of commendations for the selfless gesture expressed by the Ward C councillor as he discussed with pressmen. He praised the legislator for the responsible and responsive manner which he handled the extensive complications faced by residents in these particularly waterlogged areas.

“These are the little things that make an impact in the lives of the people,” said Hon. Okanlawon. “Clean water is a challenge in this area, and the councillor out of a passion for putting smiles on the faces of the people has delivered this,” he referred to the sustainable solution the boreholes offered.

Speaking on the responsibilities of Councillors to their wards, Hon. Okanlawon, stated that the main objective of a lawmaker was to enact laws for effective governance in their local government, and equally emphasised the magnitude of the philanthropic gesture extended by Hon. Ibrahim Bakare Olawale to his constituents.

“For stepping forward to do something of this nature, we must shower encomiums on him,” said Hon. Okanlawon.

In a bid to encourage the effective maintenance of the newly commissioned infrastructure, Hon. Okanlawon mentioned that this specific people-centric project, self-funded by the Councillor of Ward C himself, out of his own personal earnings to his beloved community was a responsibility of every resident. And that only by taking proper care of it would they satisfactorily reap its benefits.

Hon. Okanlawon who is also no stranger to facilitating community infrastructure holds a rather impressive record of accomplishments such as the construction of the pedestrian bridge at Anthony, commissioned to curb the rate of pedestrian-crossing accidents; the construction of the second Oworo access road, to provide alternative routes for commuting; the repairs of several roads at Ifako and Soluyi, and several ongoing projects.

The Baale of Soluyi 2, Solomon Olamiju while commisioning the second borehole at Odutola Bello Street, Soluyi, commented on the charitable act of the Ward C Councillor by saying, “It’s a new day for Ward C. I can’t remember such ever happening. Never has a councillor single handedly managed 2 borehole projects and commissioned them on the same day. It is a beautiful development.”

The Baale’s marvel as well as those of other residents is well justified as their plight had gone unattended for too long. But all that changed yesterday when a single man decided to take it upon himself to relieve them of it.

The Honourable Councillor concluded his question and answer session with these words: “As a representative of the people, you have signed a social contract, and you must deliver if you want to leave a legacy behind.”

This is most obviously the path Hon. Ibrahim Bakare Olawale has embarked on and does not seem to be disembarking anytime soon. With his known track record of communal development efforts and poverty alleviation schemes, the Councillor’s borehole water projects were a familiar surprise.

When asked the reason that necessitated this act of servitude, Hon. Ibrahim Bakare Olawale, the Councillor representative of Araromi, Ifako, Gbagada, Atunrase and Soluyi, responded that his only motivation was the satisfaction of alleviating the hardship of residents in the affected areas, who prior to the borehole commissioning had to walk miles to get clean water.To ensure the project is maintained and more projects like it will be as well, Hon. Ibrahim Bakare Olawale, stated that associations such as the CDAs, elders forum, and youths, would be responsible for upholding the structural integrity of these infrastructure as he had done his part by erecting and commissioning them. He continued by saying that these infrastructure were in the hands of the community now, and the boreholes particularly being commissioned at both events had been handed over to the CDA chairman and elders forum.

Also speaking with newsmen present at the event was Balogun Azeez Olalekan, the Youth Leader of Ward C, Ifako, Araromi, Soluyi, and Oke-alo. In his statement, Mr. Olalekan commented on the capacity of the Councillor saying, “He’s a man up to the task, and a man of the people.”

He went further to say that the borehole water projects were a part of the Councillor’s objectives to relieve his people of some of the challenges they faced, and that these projects were aimed to improve the standard of living of residents of the affected communities and their environment. He pointed out that the strategic points the projects were commissioned were very much intentional, as those were the communities who needed them the most and would be sure to properly utilise and maintain them.

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