Sun. Jul 25th, 2021


In the midst of rising cases and the sign of no feasible cure for Covid-19, residents of Lagos state are still holed up in their homes in accordance to the lockdown order. But at least they can take comfort in knowing that the government, well meaning political figures such as The Most Distinguished Senator Bayo Osinowo, Hon. Sanni Okanlawon, The Chairman of Kosofe LG. Hon. Afolabi Sofola and a host of other political figures have all shared the burden of the people in helping to cushion the palliative provided by the state government which is obviously in short supply.

Hence philanthropists and non-governmental organizations are taking communal well-being as a shared responsibility, and giving back as much as they can.

This was the case for Kosofe Local Government’s Hon. Funsho Oduntan, popularly known as “Toronto” on Thursday, April 23rd, in partnership with the NewTribe Movement, an NGO ably supported by good hearted individuals in persons of Mr. Shola Babatunde, Mrs Yemisi Olaiya, Arc. Deji Adegboye, Mr Rogba Barry, Mr. Rogba Adekunle to mention but a few, that on behalf of the people soliciting their needs to the government, came to the rescue of some residents of Kosofe.


The Coronavirus-crisis has brought about no changes in NewTribe Movement’s mission as the organization and Hon. Funsho Oduntan have distributed palliatives to communities within Kosofe to further support the state government’s aid to help cushion the effect cessation of movement and work has brought on.


Residents of Ifako-Gbagada, Sawmill and Araromi were completely elated when a truck loaded with food supplies started handing out relief packs of rice and beans, strictly in accordance to rules of social distancing and virus spread prevention, to each home.


This is just one of the many projects the NewTribe Movement has embarked on. The organization’s mission is solely to provide assistance to communities in need of the government’s intervention, while also acting as mediators to bring the peoples’ urgent and most desperate needs to the government’s attention.


NewTribe Movement believes strongly in a proactive approach to proffering solutions, and often serves as a quick response unit to dire situations yet to be brought to the attention of governmental agencies. In the past, the NGO has patched dilapidated roads in communities while awaiting proper reconstruction by government officials, it has carried out medical outreaches, it has held empowerment programs to help the unemployed learn employable and self-sufficient skills, and held Civic Responsibility enlightenment programs to educate the citizens on their obligations to their communities and country as a whole.


With time and as the conditions and needs of the people change, NewTribe Movement will also be adapting to whatever situation that requires immediate reaction, clogging the leak in the dam, until the authorities arrives to fix things properly with the appropriate resources.

And as the Covid-19 menace continues to persist, the NGO will also continue endeavoring to ease the discomforts of communities who are in the meantime, yet to receive state palliatives as they slowly circulate.

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