Sun. Jan 17th, 2021


The additional palliative in the form of a daily food kitchen to feed 100,000 youths in Lagos State as promised by Governor Sanwo-olu commenced yesterday, 20th of April, in Kosofe local Government.

The program which is fully funded and organized by the Lagos state government, and overseen by the commissioner of wealth creation and employment got off to a rocky start at the Oworonshoki ward when residents became enraged by the substandard and inadequate food provided.

It was in this fit of rage and dissatisfaction that the youths of the ward chased away the caterer in charge of cooking and food distribution.

The daily food kitchen initiative was originally intended to contract and employ local food vendors in their respective local governments with the responsibility of food preparation and distribution. But in the case of Oworonshoki which happened to be one of the start-off locations of the initiative, Kosofe Voice learnt that a special adviser in Hon. Arobieke’s cabinet supplied the caterer used, instead of the caterer recommended by Kosofe Local Government.

The local government authorities have been made aware of the negative response of the youths to the contracted caterer, but unfortunately have no control over this State program as direct disbursement of funds to caterers is handled solely by the office of the commissioner. It is suggested that to avoid any more dissatisfaction in this ward, the commissioner revert back to the local vendor originally recommended by the local government authorities.


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